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Back Extension Roll

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Basic tumbling is an important part of gymnastics.  You can work on movements and shapes that will aid you in the development of skills on other events.   Perfect them safely on the floor first!

An example of this is a back extension roll to handstand.  While its a great skill by itself its also a great skill to teach the movement and push back for a variety of skills -  a giant on bars, a giant on rings, a giant on p. Bars, a peach on p.bars, a free hip handstand on bars and many more  (you get the idea?)

So lets start with just doing a back roll to push up support. Make sure you do not have any neck issues before you attempt back rolls.  Remember to get your hands back before your head hits to push against the floor.  If you have problems getting over -do them down a wedge mat.

Here is a perfect back roll to push up.

 Notice how he keeps his body rounded?  This is important.  We want to keep that nice hollow shape.  This will be the same shape we want to have when we go over the top on giant.  He reaches back with straight arms to push against the floor.  This can also be done with bent arms.

Now that you perfect that.  Lets push back a little bit sooner.  You get a nice back extension roll.

 Again - see how he keeps his body straight?  

I like how he controls the pike down when he comes down from a handstand.  Its like a reverse press.

Every skill originates (well maybe not pommel horse) from drills or shapes that can be learned on the floor.  That is why I will be releasing a basic tumbling tutorial! 

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