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July 25th =  Kids First - 8:00pm-10:00 pm.  $25 pre-register (paypal or $30 at the door.  THIS IS A WEDNESDAY!

June 2nd and 3rd - Crossfit 9 Degrees Athlete Camp.  Two day camp with experts in Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, Mobility, Nutrition and Programming.  Contact Crossfit 9 Degrees for more information.

April 8th - Cornerstone Crossfit.  Contact Cornerstone for registration.

February 10 - Triumph Strength and Conditioning 2-4pm.  Contact CrossFit SOTO for registration.

February 11 - private clinic for CrossFit SOTO at Kids First

February 15th - Kids First - 8:30pm-10:30 pm.  $25 pre-register (paypal or $30 at the door.

December 14th- Kids First - 8:30pm-10:30 pm.  $25 pre-register (paypal or $30 at the door.

January 27th - Box Visit at Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning - Contact them for information on registering

About Our Clinics

Our clinics are held at Kids First Sports Center at 7900 E. Kemper Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Kids First is the largest sports facility dedicated for kids in the country. 

What really sets our clinics apart is they are coached by former elite/college gymnasts who also teach elite gymnasts.  

We aren't going to give you advice on double unders or your snatch because that is not our expertise, but we do understand gymnastics. We know the mechanics of high level skills and also know how to break a skill down into drills to make it easier to learn the skill.  That is what we do every day.  We know how to spot to assist you in movements in a safe way.

We are used to working with different athletes that learn in different ways.   Often your box coach will be giving you the right correction but it just doesn't click.  We can explain a correction differently and most importantly explain why that correction works.

Besides coaching gymnastics we have experience  working with adult athletes of all levels that want to learn gymnastics type moves. For the past year 2 years with our clinics and box visits we have worked with over 150 different athletes.  I work with some of the best crossfit athletes in the world weekly and they often bring their friends for me to coach (some of which are also former Games or Regional qualifiers) . 

Why are they at Night?

You have to understand our gym is packed with kids during much of the day.  So having the clinics later in night is what works best.

If the times of our clinics doesn't work for you contact me and we can set something special up for you.  You can get a group of friends together and schedule your own clinic with us.

Box Visits in Cincinnati

We can also do box visits at your facility.  Typically we charge $100 for the first hour then $75 for the next for a coach in the Cincinnati area.


We can do private or semi-private lessons in your gym or in ours.  You can also set up a group clinic with your friends. The cost Is $50 for an hour for one person and $60 for two.  Contact me to set that up at

Travel Clinics

If you want a box visit but are not in the Cincinnati area, email me and we can work something out.  Talk with some neighboring boxes to have a joint weekend clinic.