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Why should we learn from you?

There are a number of very good coaches out there, but I am unique in my experience that other coaches are not for a number of reasons:

1. I was an Elite Level Gymnast.  I competed at the highest level of gymnastics being an NCAA Championships Competitor, USA Championships Competitor and Nissen Award Nominee (Heisman Trophy for gymnastics).  I understand the skills you are trying to learn because I did them myself.

2. I have coached Elite Gymnasts.  While being an Elite Athlete is great it takes another skill set to actually develop Elite Athletes.  I coach gymnasts from a young age and plan and develop their daily and yearly training program. I have been coaching for almost 30 years and have developed some of the top kids in the country on numerous occasions.  I have produced 5 Jr. US All Around Champions,   15 National Team Members, and International Medalists.  I was on the 2004-2008 USA Age Group Committee that established the rules and routines for the entire United States.  In 2002 I was named the Developmental Coach of the Year by USA Gymnastics.

3. I Crossfit. Ok I may not be great at the lifts but I do understand the sport.  While gymnastics strength moves and crossfit are similar, there are some major differences that can only be known if you actually participate in crossfit.

4. I have worked with hundreds of adult athletes (crossfit and non-crossfit) through my clinics and through private lessons . I have worked with beginner athletes and numerous Games and Regional Athletes.  I understand that the adult athlete moves and has different coaching needs than the 13 year old gymnast.

How do your tutorials work and what is included in them?

You will immediately be able to download a pdf that contains everything you need - including links to videos.

The first thing that is included is a section on preparatory exercises needed before you even begin your training.  These exercises are included to teach you the important shapes, improve your flexibility and to keep you safe.

After the preparatory exercises the tutorials break down each of the skills into progressions and drills.  My goal is to not only give you a good drill but to tell you why a drill is important.  A lot of times, an athlete can do a skill but doesn't understand the mechanics of it.  I hope to teach you the mechanics of each skill so you are able to understand it, improve it and teach your friends. 

Each progression includes a detailed description, video and picture.  I will give you scaling options for exercises also.  You can view the pdf file on your phone/tablet or print it out.  If you print out the tutorial, you can access the videos by using a QR reader on your phone.

Below is a sample page from one of the tutorials.

Do you get too technical that its hard to understand?

No, you have to remember I predominantly coach kids.  I am used to breaking skills down into the easiest terms as possible.  You will never hear me use the words pronation/supination or anything like that.  There is nothing wrong with using those words - its just not my style.  I will give you simple easy to understand clues that do not require a physiology degree.

Your prices are super cheap, is it worth it?

This all started out with me helping a couple Regional Athletes.  I put some drills up on Instagram and then I made the tutorials because I was inundated with questions.  I know what its like to struggle to learn something, so I keep the prices down to help as many people as possible. I spent a lot of time on each tutorial (each are around 25-40 pages) and just want to recoup the costs for my time and for hosting the site. 

I have heard from numerous people that have bought other guides and the response has always been that they learned more from my tutorials than ones that are much more expensive.

For the costs of a couple Kill Cliffs you can get a whole new understanding of your gymnasty moves.

Is it safe to purchase through your site?

Everything is done through Shopify and payments are made securely through them or paypal. 

You think you're funny but you are not.

First that's not a question, but yea I know that.  The kids I coach tell me that all the time. 

Do you update and if so, do I have to pay for them?

I often learn new drills and add them to the tutorials. After all its important to always keep learning!   Each time it is changed, you will get an email with a new link to download the updated document.  And get this!! Its free!

So what's your programming like?

It took me a long time develop my monthly programming.  I took my different strength plans/workouts my gymnasts use to come up with a plan to use gymnastics strength for an adult athlete.  I understood that I would have a variety different skill levels with different goals.  I created programming so you can tailor the workouts to fit your skill/needs.

There are two different skill levels for each exercise you can choose - elite and standard.  If the standard exercise is too hard, there are scaling options in the appendix.  If you do not understand an exercise, click on the text and a video demonstration will be shown. 

There is also an appendix with descriptions and videos of scaled versions of the complicated exercises.

Do you have more examples of your teaching style?

Yes, go to Instagram and look for coachkeithpettit.  I have tons of videos and tips to help you learn for free.  Remember to like my stuff because I get a certain thrill when people like my videos.

What if I don't understand something?

I am always happy to clear something up.  If you have a question, chances are so does many others.  Just email me

I want to learn a particular skill, but there isn't a tutorial for it.

Once again, email and I will give you some drills if I can.  Might even result in a brand new tutorial.

I already follow another coach, can I follow both?

I did a blog post on this (subtle way to say read my blog).  Its always good to hear different corrections.  Often we will all say the same thing just in a different way or style.  You never know which one will click.  So research and check out other coaches, buy their stuff, see what approach works for you.

Below are Sample Videos from the tutorials: