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Posted by Keith Pettit on

Let me know if you ever need a clarification!  Often times I give descriptions like I would to my gymnasts with terminology that isn't used in the normal world. If you need a clarification, I am sure many others need one too!  
If you have any question, just ask.  I am usually pretty good about answering.  I am not an expert at everything but if I do not know the answer I will direct you to someone that can help. Also check out my tutorials, because I have a lot more descriptions and videos to help in them.
You help me when you ask questions.  Often I can not anticipate problems that you may be having with your skills - I can't help fix what I don't know about. 
Just a couple weeks ago, someone direct messaged me on Instagram and said "I keep picking up swing when I string together my muscle ups, help!"  I looked at her video and realized she was just coming down at the wrong time on the swing.  I would NEVER have thought to address that.  I posted a video and it received a lot of discussion and shares.  So let me know any issue you may have (well not any issue), you will be helping others and you will help me get more content! (and that's what's really important haha). 
Here is the resulting video on when to come down when stringing together muscle ups.  You want to come down at the end of the back swing.  If you come down in the front swing your amplify the swing and you get out of control.

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  • Hey Coach,
    i got a Question about Programming Strength Training (Crosses and Planche) through the week.
    I got some of your tutorials but somehow, one way or another, the strength training really impacted my performance during normal training….
    I train gymnastics on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (3hours) and compete in Still Rings and Pbars. (instagram:

    I tried a push, pull, legs, push, pull routine in order to crank up the intensity, but was left with two sessions where i can not train swing elements or shoulder intense elements.

    Next i tried to increase the volume on crosses to three times a week, but didn’t really felt an increase in strength and rather an increase in fatigue.

    Right now i’m doing a portion of the strength training before the gymnastic session and one after. But all in all, it feels extremly taxing on my nervous system, and basically blocks the whole day just for training, where i would rather want it spread over Monday till Friday… (since i also have to study)

    Would really appreciate some input from you Coach.
    Sincerest wishes,
    Frank P. on

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