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Kipping Drill for Muscle Ups

Posted by Keith Pettit on

Often times people have problems with the turn over on the kipping muscle up. This is a very important drill that emphasises the turnover on the muscle up. 

Lay on your back and bring your legs up toward your chest.  Slightly round your back so your hips are off the ground.  Then drive your feet down opening up in the hips.  You should then finish with your feet on the ground and your hips up.  Be as violent as possible on this open.



Let’s take that to the low rings.  Have the rings low enough that your arms are straight, but your shoulders are on the ground when you lay on your back.  Again bring your knees up and then drive your feet down.  Then sit up and catch yourself in a support. Make sure you catch with the rings close to your side. 

Remember your body should act as one unit, so if you think of driving your feet down, this will cause your shoulders to sit up above the rings. 

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