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Protect those shoulders

Posted by Keith Pettit on

I think going to Catholic schools my whole life really has made me a better coach - I really learned how to guilt people into doing the right thing.  Asking a kid "do you think that was good enough or do you think you should take another turn?"  works much better than just yelling at them to try again (although some days yelling feels good).

I am not the worlds authority on shoulder exercises but what I do know is if you screw up your rotator cuff and labrum you are out for a significant amount of time.  If you go to the doctor they will either have you do exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff or have surgery.  So my question is "why don't you do the strengthening exercises before you get  hurt?"

Gymnasts, crossfitters, bar-athletes all put your body is positions that they probably weren't 100% designed for. That is why making sure you do the preventative maintenance exercises is so important.  You can either start them now and do them 3 times a week, or wait until you have a shoulder problem, take some time off and do them then.

I have some posted on my instagram account, and will have them in my tutorials, but you can also google (or bing) "rotator cuff exercises" 

Don't wait until you are hurt to do these!

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