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Basic Tumbling - From Rolls to Handprings

Basic Tumbling - From Rolls to Handprings

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This tutorial gives detailed exercises  for basic tumbling.  Basic tumbling is an important part of your gymnastics training.  It is the time to work on your presentation, form and  basics which  will allow you to be able to do more difficult tumbling.  Basic tumbling also translates to the other events in gymnastics since  the  skills and shapes you work in basic tumbling are similar. 

Who is this tutorial geared to?

While a lot of the content on is geared to the calisthenic or crossfit type athlete, this one is geared more to the gymnast/gymnastics coach/gymnastic parent.  That being said,  it is a good resource for anyone wanting to perfect their shapes, handstand and tumbling.

What is included in this document?

We go over three areas.  Shaping and Strength; Rolls, Handstands and Presses; and Handsprings.  Each group contains a description of the skills, pictures and a video to show how the exercise should be accomplished.  Also included is the reason why a particular exercise is important.  It is important that the coach and the gymnast know why they are doing something.  An athlete doesn't put as much energy into something they think is just busy work.  When the coach and athlete understand the value of a drill, they will put more effort into it.  Below is a sample page:

Will this teach me a double back or back handspring?

No this document doesn't teach advanced skills like double backs.  Its purpose is to help you refine your basics so that you can eventually learn those bigger skills.  This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of rolls, cartwheels and handsprings.  It doesn't teach those but helps you perfect them. 

How do the videos work?

You will need to be connected to the internet (wifi or phone) to have the videos work. You can click on any area of the text and the video will load.  Additionally, if you print out the document you can scan the QR code to view the video on your phone.

Will there be tutorials on other gymnastics skills?

Yes, I am working with Coach Sean (@coachseands  on instagram) on other events like parallel bar support skills etc.  If you need any help you can always email me at and I will answer your question.  If you have an idea for a future tutorial you want, let me know!

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